Community Service Program General Information

The Community Service Coordinator is available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. by appointment only. The direct phone number is 330-540-2354.

The Struthers Municipal Court Community Service Program places defendants who are sentenced to community control to work anywhere up to 500 hours without pay. Defendants ordered into the program are placed with local not-for-profit businesses in the community or work outdoors performing tasks that beautify the community and neighborhoods.

The Community Service Program demonstrates that community service benefits both the Court and the community. The experience allows defendants the opportunity to model, or at times learn, new work behaviors as well as develop skills to assist in living more responsibly. The program frequently results in positive changes for the defendant who performs community service work.

Upon a Defendant being ordered into the Community Service Program, the Defendant is to contact the Community Service Coordinator within 7 days to be interviewed and evaluated for each Defendant’s availability as well as his or her access to transportation. Every effort is made to match the Defendant’s skill set with the community service program’s needs. Work activities range from litter collection, landscaping, janitorial services, maintenance, to clerical and professional tasks.

Other educational, life skills building opportunities may be performed as credit for community service hours. Participation in - or completion of - specialized programs that aim to enhance life skills are included. These include, but not limited to: Parenting classes, GED coursework, Career building classes (resume writing, interview practice, etc.), AA/NA/Al Anon Meetings (not court ordered), etc. Prior approval of a defendant’s participation in these programs by the Community Service Coordinator is required.

Community Service workers are typically given between 30 and 90 days to complete their assignments. If more time is needed an extension may be requested in writing, and would be subject to approval by Judge Leone.

Republic Services/BFI - Poland Township Administration Partnership

The Struthers Municipal Court is pleased to announce our partnership with Republic Services/BFI through Poland Township Administration on a project that targets litter control on State Route 224 between Clingan Road and Struthers Road. The Court is grateful to Republic Services/BFI for their assistance in providing gloves, trash bags and safety vests to our community service workers. In addition, Republic Services/BFI picks up and disposes of all trash bags that are filled in this area.

Interested in partnering with Struthers Municipal Court’s Community Service Program?

Please contact the Court Administrator at 330-755-1800 ext 115 or the Community Service Coordinator at 330-540-2354.

If there are special events (parades, community picnic, etc.) coming up in your community or neighborhood and you need some additional assistance for that event, please contact the Court Administrator a month in advance of the event.

Public safety is assured by placing the referrals in an agency which provides close supervision. The Community Service Coordinator is often on site themselves to supervise participants. The Coordinator monitors all referrals through completion by constant communication with agencies where they are placed. If a Defendant is also on Probation, an update on their progress is also reported to the Probation Officer.

Community Service in lieu of court fines

Upon written request to the Court, ANY defendant that has been involved with the Struthers Municipal Court may petition to receive a $10.00 per hour work credit, which if granted, would be applied to the defendant’s outstanding court fines.

Community Service Fees:

The Court reserves the right to assess the following fees for community service:

Administration Fees:

  • 1-25 Hours = $25
  • 26-50 Hours = $50
  • 76 or more hours = $75